The end of the year is a good time to find out what experts think the coming year will bring. So, what did content marketing experts predict for 2018? And was it true for you this year?


Video was predicted to gain ground and grow in importance, as Neil Patel asserts in Content Marketing in 2018 and Beyond.

Among the statistics he cites:

  • According to the Content Marketing Institute’s State of Content Marketing Report , the top two types of content are social media posts (96% for B2C and 94% B2B) and pre-produced videos (76% B2C and 72% B2B)
  • By 2019, it’s predicted that video will account for at least 80% of consumer internet traffic.

As Brian Sutter says in 3 Content Marketing Trends That Will Rule 2018, trust is the secret sauce. Trust you build by teaching, rather than selling, and trust for user-generated content.


In his Three Content Marketing Trends for 2018 Jeff Rajeck talks about the trend toward delivering even more relevant content to individual consumers, even when that means creating thousands of pieces of content for a single campaign.

How do these line up with what you saw for 2018?