Why should you work with me?

Researcher at heart

And I have MSLIS to prove it. One of my favorite parts of any project is the research—including finding secondary research and third-party resources, analyzing survey data, and interviewing executives and subject matter experts.

Deep experience working with clients at this level

Research, analysis, and writing includes experience as a business researcher at Ernst & Young’s Center for Business Knowledge, and more than 15 years working on research intensive projects for clients such as Forbes Insights, Hanover Research, Longitude UK, EIU, Synopsys, Immunio, and Green Revolution Cooling. Projects have included research based reports on liquid immersion cooling for data centers, eCommerce shipping, marketing and the modern CMO, and courage; and eBooks on securing web applications, penetration testing, and due diligence surveys.


I’ve been working as an independent writer since 2006 and know what pressures my clients face, and what I need to do to help them be successful—a proven process, communication about project status, and meeting project milestones and deliverables (or knowing the reason why not).

Some of my skills beyond writing: Detail oriented, prepared, committed, creative, can balance multiple projects.

Random fun fact: Years ago, I did a stand-up gig at a popular comedy venue in Harvard Square. My set followed a set by a writer for Conan O’Brien’s show (no pressure on me!).