About Alley424

Founded in 2006, Alley424 Communication has been about content from the beginning. Early on, I just loved working with words. As business and technical landscapes have changed, my business has changed, too. Now, it’s much more about the audience and what the words will mean to them. In my writing business, as well as my speaking, much of my brain power is spent thinking about what an audience needs to know and how to communicate it in a way they will appreciate. With strong roots in research, thanks to a library science degree and time spent working for the Center for Business Knowledge at Ernst & Young, I know how to do the research and find the story. My work with (mostly) B2B clients in higher education, consulting, finance and technology companies (think: topics like data centers, IT security, wireless).

Some of my skills beyond writing: Detail oriented, prepared, committed, creative, can balance multiple projects.

Random fun fact: Years ago, I did a stand-up gig at a popular comedy venue in Harvard Square. My set followed a set by a writer for Conan O’Brien’s show (no pressure on me!).