As you may know, I’m a fan of the written word. Both a producer and consumer. The biggest turn-off for me when looking for content in general is to find a video. (Unless I’m specifically looking for a video, like I did recently to figure out how to replace my back windshield wiper.) Yet as video increases in value for marketers, I realize I’m slowly becoming the minority.

Why use video

Danielle Winski talks about why in Why You Need to Include Video in Your Marketing Strategy

She cites a study about the state of video marketing:

  • For one thing, more marketers are using it – in one year the number of marketers who used video as a part of their marketing strategy grew 81 percent.
  • For another, I am definitely the minority – 72% of those surveyed would rather watch a video to learn about a brand or product, rather than read about it.
How to effectively use video

In 5 Tips for Incorporating Video into Your Social Media Strategy by Dhariana Lozano, provides some tips:

  • What is your purpose for creating a video? You have to know that to create the most useful content.
  • Where will it be posted? Which social media sites are best to get your message out and what are their requirements for videos
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect. Live video doesn’t have to be worthy of cinematic awards. It just needs to be professional enough and authentic.