shutterstock_153643784The InsideCXM blog from customer experience management company SDL is pretty cool. It’s a site for experts in the customer experience management community to share insights and be a trusted resource. From the content I’ve reviewed, it looks like they are doing a good job of achieving their mission.

This post–Men Are From Mars, Women Like Social Media–written by social media strategist and guru Ted Rubin, is a fun post with a serious message about customer experience embedded inside.

Wait for it…men and woman are different in how we interact with the electronic world.

One thing I like about Ted’s approach–it doesn’t just look at women’s behavior. It seems to me that a lot of content that discusses women’s behavior, especially as it relates to the business world, seems to take the tack that men are the norm and women are different and, therefore, the only side of the story worthy of comment. I’m tired of seeing articles about how business women should or do behave (anyone want to lean in here?), without equal treatment about how men should or do behave. Two sides of the same coin, yes?

This article takes the approach (and a refreshing one at that) that both genders have unique ways of viewing the customer experience and the social media world, without (subtly or not so subtly) judging one to be the right way or the norm. It is an objective view of the just the facts (ma’am and sir).

And it offers lots of good information for readers about how to think about customer experience by gender. A taste:

“Social sharing will become more and more important as digital matures—so I think we’ll see more success across genders when we learn to provide platforms that meet both of their needs…We just need to pay closer attention to what, how and why men and women use and share online, what turns them off and what delights them–so we can create great experiences for them, and provide optimal opportunities for both to share those experiences.”

The post is over 1,200 words long, which is a little long for a blog post these days. But the article is well written and the content worth the read. And, I’ve said this before, I’m not afraid of lengthy content when it’s well done. (Say it with me: Long form journalism is not dead!)

All in all a great, non-salesy approach to sharing content about customer experience. Good job SDL, in finding a way to showcase thought leadership and thought leaders!


* Photo taken from the InsideCXM blog post. I loved it so much, I had to copy it here. But could not figure out who to credit it to.  Looks like it originally came from Shutterstock, so thanks!